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on r t so in general radko nottage arrives in the netherlands to be tried in the international criminal tribunal for genocide after his appeal against extradition was rejected. many serbs believe markets won't get a fair trial in the hague because of all against their country all that entails from belgrade just a few moments. also the main suspect in the murder of russian journalist anna politkovskaya is being interrogated a moscow after his arrest in chechnya. the european court of human rights projects
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accusations of russia's prosecution of jailed it's all tied to. skip it was driven by politics. this is r t well it's eleven pm tuesday night my name is kevin owen and first a plane carrying former bosnian serb general record not each has landed in the netherlands he's on his way to the hague to face the international war crimes tribunal but it's lost on appeal against his extradition from serbia and will not be put on trial for allegedly ordering the massacre of muslims in ninety ninety five as cross-eyed workers put a country desirably she's in belgrade with the latest so true then rocco nottage now just literally a step away from the hague is me. indeed he lost an appeal today and of course serbian officials did everything they could to extradite him and as quickly as possible the court received their appeal which was posted by and large this is
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a lawyers just this morning they took just a few hours to determine that the appeal would not be granted and then a few hours after that a police convoy left the courthouse where a lot of has been held ever since he was arrested last week and the justice minister immediately after that confirmed that he was already in the hague the operation itself was incredibly quick i mean we were outside the courthouse and we saw the police convoy pull out i only know that they crossed off all of the highways and the airport itself and when the cars drove out onto the tarmac the plane's engines were already running so with bushels he really did want to get him to the hague as quickly as possible but of course his trial will be anything but quick first of all he and his legal team will have to go through and familiarize themselves with millions of pages worth of documents evidence and everything i mean
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for people previously extradited from serbia like slobodan milosevic and i didn't it took an entire year just to familiarize themselves with the case evidence and of course many already argue that the hague doesn't even have all of the evidence so it could be a lot of time before the trial actually begins at the time that according to the article a lot of just mother and family sorry i'm a lawyer the man does not have his deteriorating health condition of course he suffered three strokes and. condition according to his family basically means that he might not live to see the beginning of his trial just looking to show the. latest pictures coming through we were pretty good at the latest pictures coming through from the wedding to. go that's what you're saying there. just macross. go but what you say many in serbia don't actually believe the hague will be assuming that his health goes lowest. of course and that
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really doesn't have as much to do with the figure of at home lot of self because there are people here who who believe he's a national hero there are others who do believe that he is guilty of some of the crimes he's accused of but for everyone here it's the extradition of a serbian that is incredibly offensive and extradition of course to the i.c.t. why the international criminal tribunal for former yugoslavia that hasn't seen anybody but serbs stand trial within its within its building basically everyone here was also involved in the balkans war of the one nine hundred ninety s. anybody other than serbs or either acquitted of all charges or of weighted justice all together so for the people here it's the fact that the hague seems to be a political tool and not a legal one is what offends them the most and of course many already protesting
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against the extradition of our own law that's in belgrade in the capital where we are there was a ten thousand strong rally over the weekend turning violent of course when you started throwing stones and bottles and firecrackers at riot police who had back with but tongs and rubber bullets dispersing the crowds there was also meeting today our first meeting actually that took place in support of the outcome of that outside serbia in the bosnian herzegovina talent of banja luka thousands of people also gathered to protest the extradition. although all those protests have led to nothing law that is already in the hague and he will remain there for as long as the trial continues ok well we've got a report that you fall going to listen. bringing justice to thousands of victims that's one self-proclaimed success of the international
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criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia and it's ready to deliver some more serbia prepares to extradite former bosnian serb army chief. he's accused of crimes against humanity and origin in one nine hundred ninety five massacre in the village of slipping. despite living on the run for sixteen years and having suffered two strokes the sixty nine year old general has been deemed fit enough to stand trial and that one person we have spoken to police he will get a fair trial there surely a lot of evidence to back up the serbs distrust of the i c t y so what do the people here based their judgment on a lot of people here in serbia are skeptical about the some of the practices of the high hague tribunal and some of its record for instance because slobodan milosevic died in prison without a conviction then for us war criminals that are generally acknowledged as
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a war criminals here in serbia but i deny from course of all. commanders have actually been acquitted author. witnesses or after the tribunals simply concluded that there was not enough evidence how did they isn't by only means the only example taker and kosovo prime minister. has been accused by the council of europe of being in charge of an organ trafficking group and still remains in his post bosnian general nothing was known among serb residents of the district stripping it's a vampire for allegedly cutting the throats of thousands of civilians he walked free cleared of all charges and former military leaders. second how you live each accused of mass murders during the balkan war of the one nine hundred ninety s. enter politics having also avoided justice. this many suggest is
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a very clear indicator that the hague tribunal is being used as a political tool not a legal one probably because of their off the corner in preserving the truth or is it justice or something else for events that happened in the balkans with the question of law geopolitics or someone else's interests i believe that all the former yugoslavia of bit too much and probably because we let ourselves be involved in a war in the twentieth century of her time for the sake of her foreign interests and no one emerged as the winner of the balkan crisis was created much earlier is long been unfolding before our eyes and it has nothing to do with law or justice of the law this tribunal is going to provide a cover for its europe's lady justice is accused of turning a blind eye to striptease opinions and has been for some time i'm not at all surprised because when the law of conflict was added it the western media including
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the british media was far from object to. well understand why the serbian people demonstrate against the rest of the. because they live across them to the fact that the western media always behaved about name during the conflict and i've seen for myself a war crime in bosnia at a place called people odd which was completely ignored by the media over the legal photographic evidence of the massacre of. civilians in the town serbia's ministry of justice is called the ministry of truth shipping out on the beach after a trial will have to little to change what a lot of serbs believe that it stands for anything. r t l great story. well let's bring you this live event now you're seeing the pictures from the airport as the helicopter can tell you right now that she's off to
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take a short hop to the hague. earlier on we saw the serbian government jet carrying a former yugoslav army commander. landing in the netherlands where he said could be tried by a u.n. war crimes tribunal the plane carrying him touched down in airport just hours of course after judges and we've been reporting a great rejected new deal today is extradition and the serbian justice minister authorized this handover to the general knowledge is a lawyer posted to appeal monday but it was overturned on appeal saying at the time he was too ill to face trial doctors examined him they said he was fit enough to be extradited live pictures live event here is that the helicopter taking him to the hague we will bring you much more commentary on what's happening here. journalist in balkans a story in a voice of mallets has also expressed his doubts that the hague will be impartial towards. we want to just part of the entire set of political and police and
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military leaders that the i.c.t. wife has put on trial in order to demonstrate that everything to happen and what was in one thousand nine hundred was a grand supreme conspiracy she did not really putting watching trouble all search and all syria until they are there still whole efforts to paint serbia's the aggressor and her a traitor for crimes you know to justify intervention that. you will form a new community in one thousand nine to one if you recognize the breakaway republics of creation selena's and states the problem is when nato intervened in ninety five and in bogata is often horrible civil war bosnia and want to get involved in the whole of those things build up as justification sic a war we can use school and went in just because these are evil people world over to paint them as evil people you have to put them on trial run a king report who wrote and it's a very black and white philosophy back to one task black hats and in new york
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western see you have to have that guy you were going to be the good guy yourself. thoughts are jealous of balkans a story in the voice of alex talk of iran about the upcoming trial of rackham adage . russia could be a significant step closer now to solving the murder of journalist anna politkovskaya the main suspect was arrested today in chechnya and the big question now here in moscow. the story. prosecutors are convience the pair close to solving the murder of anna politkovskaya one of the most high profile slayings in recent russian memory mahmood of his accused of having fired the shots that killed her and after years on the run in belgium he was arrested in his home village in chechnya just last almost all. of the rest was carried out with the help of belgian police where he had been hiding for several years we've been in constant contact with them and it was this cooperation that helped us capture the suspect belgian
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police triggered the manhunt and mark yudof was forced to leave the country investigators are currently questioning him in connection with the murder of anna politkovskaya mahmood of two brothers along with a former police officer who were acquitted of the murder in two thousand and nine due to lack of evidence but the russian supreme court verdict and ordered the investigation reopened. son told me the family hopes this arrest will bring them closer to finding out who killed his mother of course it's a very important step but we have to wait and see if stilt will be proved but even that is not enough we have no clue who the mastermind of the murder is nor about the organizers it's a significant part of the journey but it's certainly not the end and internationally renowned journalist anna politkovskaya was shot dead in october two thousand and six that she returned home she was famous for her investigative work particularly reports into human rights abuses former colleagues believe the duty of
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the close family ties of those accused of the murder there will always be some unknown surrounding the crime as long as was the point of it's hard to tell how many people are involved. we have the three most brothers and their own cause he's a criminal and could easily be the most worried you could really serves especially church and unlikely to testify against one of. the political sky a murder isn't the only high profile case to see recent breakthrough journalists need or beyond of the things that this arrest along with the conviction of the killers of freelance journalist understand sirup a border and human rights lawyer stanislav mark a lot of children these type of murders do get solved in today's russia this is definitely a landmark victory in the fight against impunity in boston journalist murders not destroyed but also human rights defenders lawyers. and we see that as a very significant step forward rostam mahmud of currently in moscow where his
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lawyers are preparing his defense while for the family and friends about a part of their long wait for justice continues peace for all of us r.t. moscow. european court of human rights has ruled there's nothing to prove russia's prosecution for all magnates nicole called a color scheme was politically motivated the judges in strasbourg did however find that his rights were violated during his arrest in two thousand and three the ag said of all john yoo courson wants russia's richest man is currently in jail for embezzlement and money laundering brings us the latest on the case. in the decision of the european court of human rights that they'd be protecting the appeal but of course the and his lawyers claiming that the prosecution had been politically motivated the court cited the lack of it in contestable group which means that the old lawyers have got of course he had failed to provide sufficient solid evidence to back up these claims has to be said though that in two thousand and three when he was arrested the kind of holes he had been financing opposition political
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parties now according to particles and his supporters it was because of his political side that he was arrested in the first place and of course the a prosecution had denied these allegations from the very start now aside from having head of one of the biggest oil companies the acclaims of this political maneuvering has really made this story quite captivating but as of today being here the import of human rights had dismissed these claims and had to put the matter to rest now on another issue kind of course he had also gone to the court claiming his rights had been violated this is the regard to be detained without the justification fire to investigation and trial as well as the conditions in which he was held claiming that they were crimes as well as unsanitary will on these counts the court had agreed with a full scale and they had ordered the moscow court to pay a fine of a twenty four thousand euros is equivalent to thirty five thousand dollars in damages to her called the moscow court had reacted to that and said that they would appeal this ruling should they find grounds to do so on monday what of course he
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did a file for parole an appeal for parole in the courthouse today knowledge that they had received it and that they will be reviewing it just to give a background what he was arrested in two thousand and three since then he had been convicted twice and of putting the a such as this a together he was scheduled he is scheduled to be released in twenty sixteen and according to his lawyers he has every right to appeal of for parole to a request for this not the most the court has said that they will try to come up with a decision as swiftly as possible and we are expecting that in about two weeks' time . much more about the long haul going story on our website if you want to furnish yourself with more information about it and just get the backstory general inside out so you don't cry and also that as well afghan president hamid karzai promises war if nato doesn't stop by the strikes on civilian targets the last such a time killed at least fourteen most of them children but a big story this week is more on line from us about it as well about see the economy also the story of a superstitious man from russia siberia who thought bury yourself six feet under
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would help him lead a long life but all went wrong never came back on our website out to. thirty six opposition activists have been detained in moscow during an authorized rally around one hundred people gathered in the center of the russian capital in support of freedom of assembly but they failed to agree with the city's authorities where the valley would take place first place of police the group's leaders now say they'll be fine for public road with friends and supporters of russia's known parliamentary opposition groups traditionally hold demonstrations over the last day of every month campaigning thirty one they. would use a brief syria's president bashar assad granted a general amnesty state television says it includes all members of opposition movements such as be outlawed muslim brotherhood or criminal activity committed before tuesday will be covered you know as one follows months of protests and they vicious government crackdown that activists say is led to a rather thousand there. is a europe wide alert my office sixteen people have died after eating cucumber can
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tell you how lively most of the sound in germany yet breaks the lives of organic spanish vegetables of the grid says it's still very unclear where they were contaminated dozens of countries including russia have already banned spanish cucumber the world health organization describing the outbreak of quote very large and very severe. in yemen the u.n. human rights office says over fifty people have been killed in demonstrations the city of since sunday reports. say that hundreds more have been injured meanwhile intense fighting for the purple sun now between tribal groups and forces a lot of presidents a lay leader refuses to step down and despite three months of violent clashes against islam. they greeted like true heroes with patriotic fun fierce cheers handshakes and the hope of a brand new beginning but for thousands of u.s. troops coming home from war transition to civilian life is a painful one altered by traumatic memories what is more important one former
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soldier who shared her struggle with this. that think you would be very much into the infinite world of literature enters this twenty eight year old ex marine an american who abandoned her weapon four written words to tell a story she says has kept censored from u.s. citizens even though people may know that it affects us i don't think that they understand that way. and the toll that it takes us and seeing that help for. the literal effects of the bodies that were made i couldn't figure out why why are we ordinary doing again you know why are we why are we doing you know and it was this person's life or things just quickly del's memore she did block details of a traumatic and human account of war in two thousand and four boodles spent eight months in iraq collecting cataloging bagging and boxing the bodies of dead marines
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at the mortuary affairs unit and experience no u.s. president who's declared war has ever endured if it was a result of or an explosion there could be several body cases so sometimes that would require us to you know. under a truck or call in the trucks or. just as you mentioned. you know you want to. flush this that you can get back to the feeling pieced fallen soldiers back together after receiving body bags filled with limbs on one occasion a bag she process was carrying only the heads of her comrades we didn't know what we were seeing when we had opened up the bag we didn't know what was in the bag. when we had gotten that particular body bag so when we add ons that you know as soon as you call that the flap when you see that it's had serially you know look away i mean it's difficult to look at but you have to look at that because you have
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to you know put them in their respective body bags or send them to their. like the family and nearly four thousand five hundred u.s. soldiers have returned from iraq in caskets more than fifteen hundred flown in from america's other war in afghanistan that was a marine in there for the millions who do make it home alive and many like adel are tour mentored by memories post-traumatic stress disorder depression and substance abuse i couldn't leave my apartment you know i didn't have friends to anybody. and a lot of it you can't deal with. you know until it's you know i suffer from flashbacks and nightmares and i i couldn't process that i had a really hard to make sense of it more than six years later could tell says she still searching for reasons to justify the damage and death caused by the u.s. war in iraq as a marine she did what she was tools as a civilian she questions why u.s.
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leaders glorifies soldiers as heroes but neglect to speak about the consequences of their service i don't know that the government respects my friends because if there is like that i don't think that they would see these places. to carry out what they're asking of us so i don't think that they're it's like this they're like. declaring war is the providence of politicians over the decades us wars have resulted in a reported twenty three million american veterans and many left struggling to adjust to life following the battle a shift from fighting enemies to fighting demons in a fortnight or r.t. me mark missed most causes only here on this channel very short in a couple of minutes time of the one and only is a year's because catch up with another one and i need to read three things with the
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business news before. truly flatters kevin thank you so much as the scribes in the german press as the energy equivalent of the fall of the berlin wall over the next decade germany plans to phase out all its nuclear power over public concern about its safety but as artie's daniel bushell explains the move is not symbolic as it is economic. even before the fukushima accident germans were among the most resistant to nuclear power in the european union we saw people chaining themselves to railway tracks to stop nuclear fuel getting through in the country which means that only four of seventy nuclear facilities are actually working at the moment these remaining ones planned to be shut down in a decade one analyst told me they could actually shut down theoretically nuclear facilities to morrow the trouble is there's nothing to replace it germany has one of the biggest renewable power facilities in the in the european union in fact in
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the world with the government offering financial incentives for people to go green even green. they don't have the capacity to fill germany's needs which means that many people are saying really the only realistic alternative is to turn to russia and russian gas. supplies of germany's needs ignored stream pipeline which is being built from last to germany will increase those supplies it should also give a boost to russia's south stream project last week business altie reported how the european union and its energy commission of course on the project at the presentation by gazprom last week but with this new do a rising from germany as a result of this announcement we do expect more possibilities for the south stream project in the coming years. than you will reporting from germany take
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a look at the markets now oil prices are on the rise fresh hope that europe is moving closer to a solution to its sovereign debt woes this is helping prop up the euro versus the dollar therefore we're seeing likes we gaining two dollars at one hundred two dollars sixty seven brand almost one hundred seventy. u.s. stocks have kicked off the week after a long weekend on a positive note although stocks have lost a bit of that initial steam as disappointing can see. compensators causing investors to be cautious dowagers nasdaq still up half a percent point nine percent the big european stocks ended choose the session on the rise germany could make concessions on a new aid package for greece this is easing concerns over the euro zone debt and therefore the tax was up three percent of that. here in moscow of your tears my six games the one point three percent trend that peculiar free of a kind value take a look at some of the individual moves on the my sex world majors are among the main gainers amid
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a high youth group prices as we saw the world bank shares of also supported by strong first quarter results profits of russia's biggest lender doubled to reach three point one billion dollars that's above and this expectations. russia and china have finally sorted out a long running dispute over all supplies that's according to the deputy prime minister you can see action following talks in moscow that details not clear but in effect news agency reports china will pay free courses of the so-called two hundred fifty million dollars debt that goes to translate previously beijing and refused to settle the contract saying the price was not justified. all right to join my colleague a block of us will be here a two year mosque on time if you can of course the headlines are next on camera.
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